Booking your Tattoo

I'd love to help you bring your vision to life! Here is an overview of what the process looks like:

Contact Me

Feel free to stop by to see the shop and set up a consultation or you can:

-Text 941-218-0507 with your name and a reference image similar to what you're looking for. It's usually better to text than to call so that I can respond whenever I'm done tattooing and I can also see your image and look back at what we had talked about when your appointment time comes.


-Use the contact page on the website





Setting up a Consultation

Once you've told me a little bit about your idea, we can book a consultation! My consultation times are 12pm and 12:30pm Thursday through Sunday. We will sit down for about half an hour or so to talk specifics about design, placement, estimated price, etc. 

Out of town consultations are available via zoom for those who will be traveling. 

Initial consultations are free of charge. 

Secondary consultations are $50 and include another meeting where I will have a general idea sketched out for you to look at and we can make any necessary changes and talk further about your idea.

If your design does not require any designing or is something that can be done at the time of your appointment, no consultation is necessary and you can go ahead and book the appointment without one.

Once you're ready to book, I will take a deposit and put you in the schedule! 


When you're ready to book your appointment, I will require a deposit to secure the time in my schedule and cover my drawing time. These are non refundable and will be subtracted from the final cost of your tattoo. 

Deposits will be forfeited if you do not provide 24 hrs notice to reschedule, reschedule more than twice, change design completely, or show up to your appointment untattooable (drunk, sunburned, having a coverup that you didn't mention, etc). 

An invoice for your deposit can be sent via email if you are booking via text or email.

Deposit amounts vary according to how much time we are booking in my schedule.

-Shop Minimum Deposits are $50 and are required for anything that I think will take me less than an hour and don't require a lot of designing.

-By the Piece Deposits are $100 and are required for anything that I estimate will take me between 1-3 hours. 

-Half Day Deposits are $300 and are required to book a 4 hour session. 

-Full Day Deposits are $600 and are required to book an 8 hour session.

Deposits will be deducted from the final session of your tattoo, if it is a multiple session process.


It's the big day! When you come in for your consultation, you'll be able to review the design and make any necessary changes. We will print the stencil and make sure we have the perfect size and placement. Then we will begin our session! For full day sessions, a dinner break will be taken at 5:30. 

Make sure you prepare for you appointment by sleeping well, eating a good meal, and staying hydrated. Wear comfortable clothing that allows me access to the area being tattooed. I have a TV with all of the streaming services, filtered water, and some light snacks to keep you comfortable during your visit. 

When the appointment is done, I'll bandage you up and brief you on aftercare. 

The remainder of your total will be due at this time:

-Shop minimum tattoos cost $100 total, $50 after the deposit is applied

-By the Piece tattoos cost between $150-$450, roughly based on a rate of $150/hr. Your $100 deposit will be applied to the total. 

-Half Day sessions cost $600, $300 after your deposit is applied.

-Full Day sessions cost $1,200, $600 after your deposit is applied.


At the end of your appointment, I will apply a clear adhesive bandage called tegaderm. If you prefer a different bandage option, I can use Saran Wrap instead. 

The tegaderm creates a safe healing environment for your tattoo. It was originally used for burn wounds in hospitals and it's like a second skin. It can stay on for up to 5 days. During that time, you don't have to do anything to the tattoo. It may accumulate some excess ink and blood in the bandage. That is completely fine and normal. If it leaks or you notice that the bandage is not completely secured, take it off and wash it with Dial Soap. 

When you take the tegaderm off, it is usually best to do so in the shower and let the water help you to remove it. Pull the edges of the bandage away from the tattoo rather than ripping it off as you would a band-aid to prevent pain and damage to the skin.  After that, wash the tattoo twice a day with Dial Antibacterial soap, pat dry with a clean paper towel, and apply a small amount of ointment. I will provide you with a sample of the soap and the ointment that I make, and more is available for purchase at the shop. The ointment that I make contains: Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E Oil, Shea Butter, Vegetable Glycerine, Honey, Lavender and Chamomile Oil. If you have allergies to any of these things, please let me know. You can also use Aquaphor ointment or a plain, white, unscented lotion such as Lubriderm or Aveeno. When using Aquaphor, please be careful not to use too much as it can create problems during healing.

Make sure to protect your tattoo from the sun for the first two weeks and do not go in any bath tubs, hot tubs, lakes, rivers, oceans, etc. Do not re-wrap your tattoo unless it is absolutely necessary and only for the minimum amount of time possible. 

You will likely have some itching, peeling, or even scabbing as your tattoo is healing. Please do not pick, scratch, or exfoliate your tattoo. It should not be touched by yourself or others without hands being washed first.

If you have any questions or concerns during healing, please let me know.

Follow Up

When your tattoo has healed, feel free to stop by the shop to say hi! I love to see how everything healed up and sometimes I like to take additional pictures now that it's settled in. If any touch up required, we can set up a time to do that. I do touch up sessions for free as long as it's not due to improper aftercare. If this is the case, touch up sessions will be full price.